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buxpBuxP is one of the most awesome PTC sites when it comes to referral earnings – you earn 50% and you don’t need to click to earn from them!
So just refer some members and you don’t need to do anything else and your earnings grow. You can build a nice passive income like this very easily.

But it would be a shame not to do anything here, because BuxP has very nice earnings and lot of ways how to make money!
E.g. BuxP has a unique system that you will not find on any other PTC site – ads reset every hour! That means lot of ads every hour! Most ads are there every hour past the hour (after x:00) = when ads reset.

There are many other ways how to earn:
– watching videos of 2 kinds,
– completing offers (4 kinds of offerwalls),
– completing tasks,
– completing video offers (watch a video + write a short comment),
– referring other people,
– click (traffic) exchange.

You get ClickRewards for viewing ads and other activities.
This is a contest where you have a chance (the more ads you view and the more you do the other activities, the higher chance) that you win something from the following:
– 1-5 referrals
– 1 week to 1 year membership
– $0.01 to $1 cash
– lottery tickets (you can win 10, 4, or 1 referral here), cells for Jackpot (you can win $10, $7 or $3 here), traffic exchange credits
Therefore, being active definitely pays off!

BuxP is online for several years already and is reliably paying.

Registration to BuxP

Register here: BuxP.org
During registration, enter your real name otherwise they will cancell your payment. This PTC site checks for the correctness of names.
In case of issues there is no problem to call for help via the support – admin is very nice, he will definitely help you.

How to earn on BuxP


PTC ads can be found under Earn Money -> Ads.
Each ad has a red headline, yellow description, blue arrow and a VISIT link.

BuxP visit view ads

Click the VISIT link and the advertisement will open.
You have to verify your click by entering the correct number.

BuxP ad

Type the number you see in the image beside the input field and click Verify.
You can type and verify the number right after, you don’t have to wait for the time to run off. But do not close the page until the time runs off and green Credited sign appears.

BuxP ad credited

Only after that money is credited and you can close the page.

BuxP is the only PTC site with porno ads section, you can enable or disable it. If you enable it you get more ads and have higher earnings.

At the bottom of the PTC section watch out for an ad labelled Anti-cheat link with red bold description!

BuxP anti-bot link cheat check

Avoid it! Do not click on it! If you click it, all your earnings will be zeroed, you will have 0 on your account balance.

Watching Videos

You can watch videos under Earn Money -> Videos -> Youtube Videos or under Earn Money -> Videos -> Vimeo Videos.
Click on the video, a new window opens with the video, you may not close it!
Time is running in the main window. When it runs to the end, confirm the video by clicking on the button. Then you can close the window with the previously opened video.

Getting Referrals

To get referrals you need your reflink. You can find your reflink under Earn Money -> Affiliate program.
There you will find this sentence: To promote our affiliate program and earn commission, use http://buxp.org/?r=iriss or one of the banners below.
The bold part of this sentence is your reflink.
Furthermore, there are banners that you can use for promoting and getting referrals, e.g. this one:


Can be found under Earn Money -> Tasks.
Tasks are small jobs, mostly paid registrations. You get a reward for that you register somewhere.
There is also e.g. this task: download BuxP toolbar, create screenshot, upload and submit. Very simple.

BuxP toolbar

Installing the toolbar provides a check for new ads, new videos, number of offers, your account balance in the browser. You will see it all the time and you will not miss any new ad. It certainly helps to higher earnings.
Toolbar can be downloaded under Extra -> Toolbar -> Free Download.


You can request payout in menu under Cashout.
BuxP supports PayPal and Payza.
First payment is manual, other payments to PayPal are instant! So you have your money immediately after request on your PayPal account. Personally verified!

Register here: http://buxp.org



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