Feb 062016

Littlebux bannerLittleBux is a new paying PTC site with a unique script. It is very similar to the famous PTC site Neobux. Both sites have similar design and system, both sites are sending cashouts instantly! Your money usually arrives to your payment processor account in less than 5 minutes!
There is also the option to rent referrals at LittleBux. Rented referrals have good averages here and renting pays off. The renting strategy is almost the same as at Neobux.

LittleBux paid me 2 times already, see my payment proof here:
(click the image to enlarge)

LittleBux payment proof

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How to click ads

Click on View Advertisements in the top menu.
Choose an ad and click on it.

littlebux click ads
The ad opens in a new window and time runs. You can see the time bar at the bottom of the page (see the arrow on the image below). The advantage is that there is no captcha. The reward is credited right when the time runs out (you will see the Success! You have been credited.). No need to confirm the view. Therefore viewing ads is very fast.

littlebux viewing ads


You get chances to AdPrize game for viewing ads. You will find them at the bottom of the page.
You get 2 AdPrize chances for every ad viewed.

littlebux adprize chances

Click on the gold coin in the green banner. An ad will open in a new window and time will run. When the time runs out you get to know if you won something. Click on the green Next button to continue to another ad (you will find the banner with the Next button at the bottom of the page on the right). 

littlebux adprize winnings


You will find LittleGrid game under Incentives -> LittleGrid.
Click on any square on the image. An ad will open in a new window and time will run in the bar at the bottom of the page. When time runs out you will get to know if you won. Then close the window and continue by clicking on a next square.
You get 30 chances every day for free.
You can win up to $5 daily!
Under Your Winnings you can see what all you can win and how many times you have won each reward.

littlebux adgrid littlegrid

Rented referrals

You can rent referrals in the left menu under the Referrals link.

littlebux rented referrals

Renting 3 referrals costs $0.60.

littlebux rent referrals

If you do not have enough money to rent referrals in your Purchase balance you will see an Add Funds button there. This way you can add money to your account at the site. You can start renting referrals after adding funds has been finished. You can transfer money from main balance to rental balance too.

Renting referrals strategy

The strategy to rent referrals at LittleBux is very similar to Neobux. It differs only in referral limits.
You can rent up to 200 referrals as a Standard member. Then you need to buy the Golden upgrade in order to raise the referral limit to 2000.
When you reach 2000 rented referrals buy the Ruby upgrade. Your limit will be raised to 3000.
When you reach 3000 rented referrals buy the Ultimate upgrade. Your limit will be raised to 5500.
You get the following benefits with better upgrades: direct referral limit raises, reward per click raises, reward per referral click raises, more chances for LittleGrid, less days for Referral Free Replacement (system will replace the inactive referrals earlier), less Days between Cashouts, more ads, less Rental Waiting Days (you can rent referrals faster) and much more.
By purchasing any of the upgrades you will get the option to secure your account by Two Factor Authentication (verification via mobile application).


You can cash out to PayPal or Payza.
Request payment by clicking on the Withdraw button (bottom right of the page in Account).
Payout minimum is $4.
Withdrawals are instant!

littlebux withdraw money

Registration to LittleBux

Sign up to LittleBux here:





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