Earn 200%!
Purchase $5 adpacks and earn $10

Unlimited earnings! Brand new program!
Unique system! Everyone can earn! No need to refer people!

Earn money from the comfort of your home!

Unlimited earning potential! Get passive income!

Step 1

Buy our Loyal AdPacks. Per each Loyal Adpack you purchase you will get 5000 advertising credits and a position in our Loyal System.
Your position will take last spot in the Loyal queue.

Step 2

When 4 new Loyal adpacks are sold, the first position of Loyal queue closes. When position closes, owner of position will earn $15, $10 go straight to your balance and you can withdraw them and the other 5$ the system will use them to automatically buy a new Loyal Adpack.

Step 3

When a Position closes its automatically removed from queue.
All other positions in queue move one position up, 2nd position position moves to 1st. 3rd position moves to 2nd, etc!
You can get passive income doing nothing!

Don't want to wait in the queue?

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You don't need to wait in queue to earn. Get your position closed!

This is the magic part of our system!

What do I need to do?

You don't need to wait in queue if you get one or more referrals that purchase a total of 4 Loyal Adpacks!
Yes, that's right! You don't need wait to reach position one in Queue!
Our amazing system was built FOR ALL members be able to get profit but it's not fair if members that work earn same like members that don't work!
So we give this big advantage to members that will advertise their business and bring new members.

Advertise LoyalRevenue to close your Positions!

Advertise this amazing program and per each 4 Loyal Adpacks your referrals purchase you will get your Loyal Adpack closed!
This means you will earn $15, 10$ go straight to your balance and you can withdraw them and the other 5$ the system will use them to automatically buy a new Loyal Adpack

Help your referrals get profit

Give support to your referrals, help them get profit and you will get profit too!
Each time your referrals close 4 positions you will close one too automatically!
You help them have profit and you get profit too!

Join LoyalRevenue, unique, brand new program

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Earn money both with and without referrals!

For soloers too! Very easy to earn!

Without Referrals

You don't need to refer anyone to earn!
Adpacks for only $5
Earn $10 + 1 free position
Earn more and more
Fast earnings
Admin very active and helpful
Perfectmoney, Bitcoin supported

With Referrals

Refer unlimited people and earn from their purchases
3 levels of referrals
Earnings 0%, 3%, 2% to main balance
75% of their purchases value go for position closing
4 adpacks bought by your referrals close 1 of your positions
Close multiple positions in a day!
Perfectmoney, Bitcoin supported

Join LoyalRevenue, unique, brand new program

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LoyalRevenue Guide

How to register

Click here to register.

Fill up the form and press:

Confirm the email that you will receive in your e-mail inbox.

How to buy adpacks

Deposit some funds first.
Click on Purchases -> Deposit Funds.

Enter how much you want to deposit and choose payment processor.

Confirm and pay.
Now buy adpacks.
Click on Purchases -> Loyal Adpacks.

You can buy 4 adpacks every 30 minutes.
Enter how many adpacks you want to purchase and choose Purchase balance.
Confirm. Done.
Now go to Loyal Adpacks -> Loyal Adpacks Statistics in the top menu to watch your positions moving and earning you money!


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