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best paying revshares mxrevshare mxworldMXWorld (previously known as MXRevshare) is a PTC and revshare site from admin James Lee Valentine. He owns a whole network of various sites. He is also teaching people how to earn on the Internet. He has written many books, he is doing webinars, he made many videos about earning money online and he is doing a lot of other online activities.
Therefore, his revshare site MXWorld has very good conditions for being successful and stable. Admin has not only the network of sites but also knows very well how to manage such site.

Registration to MXWorld

Sign up to MXWorld here:

mxworld mxrevshare

Payment Proof

mxworld mxrevshare payment proof

MXWorld, as I already stated, is a site containing Paid To Click (PTC) and revshare.

Paid To Click

You will find paid ads under Advertising -> Surf PTC Ads.

mxworld surf ptc ads

Paid ads are there only sometimes, check this section more times a day.

Surf – earnings qualification

To receive money from shares and referrals you have to click 10 ads daily.

You will find ads under Advertising -> Surf Millionaire Ads.

mxworld surf ads

Click on the Go To Revenue Qualification button:


How to click ads

Choose an ad, click on it. Captcha will appear.
Choose the correct image and drag it and drop it on the image on the right.

mxworld how to click ads

Revshare – 110% earnings

In the revshare part of the site you can buy adpacks with shares with the money earned from PTC. You will get discount 110% which you can use for buying more adpacks or you can withdraw it.

You can choose from 3 kinds of adpacks with shares:
– Mini Adpack costs $5, thanks to discount of 110% you get $5.5
– Medium Adpack costs $25, thanks to discount of 110% you get $27.5
– Millionaire Adpack costs $50, thanks to discount of 110% you get $55
You will usually receive the discount after 44 days. It depends on the site’s sales.
You will receive a part of the discount every day.

Bonus for a certain number of adpacks!

You will not find this on any other site. You are rewarded for advancing in your career!
You will be getting bonus rewards for a certain number of adpacks you have:
For 250+ adpacks you get $10 daily.
For 500+ adpacks you get $15 daily.
For 1500+ adpacks you get $35 daily.
For 2500+ adpacks you get $55 daily. Plus membership in Millionaire Ambassadors Council. The company will pay travel and accomodation expenses for you for every year’s meeting of Millionaire Ambassador Council members.
New: For 100 Mini adpacks you get $0.5 daily.
New: For 500 Medium adpacks you get $10 daily.

MXRevshare bonus

Having as many packs as possible really pays off here!

MXWorld strategy

MXWorld strategy is that you buy adpacks with shares and from received discount of 110% you buy more and more adpacks. It is important to keep buying more adpacks to get higher with the sum of discount. The discount is 10% higher than the price what you bought the adpacks for, therefore you can buy more and more adpacks from this discount.
Money received from discount can be withdrawn. At the beginning, you should use all this money for buying more adpacks. This is how you will have more and more adpacks. You should withdraw money only after you are satisfied with the discount sum amount per month. Do not withdraw everything. Let there as much money as is needed for keeping the same amount of adpacks. You can withdraw the rest after you buy the adpacks for keeping the same sum of discount. Only like this you can create your passive income.

If you want to have that income faster purchase more adpacks at the beginning. That is how you accelerate the start and you will get to your goal much faster. The more adpacks you buy at the beginning the faster you will get to your goal.
E.g. by purchasing 10 adpacks you will get much faster to that income that you dreamed about. You will be able to buy more adpacks from the discount much faster. Earnings will start to grow rapidly right away.

Your goal is to get to 100 Mini, 500 Medium and 250, 500, 1500 and 2500 Ambassador adpacks. From these amounts of adpacks you will be getting a bonus reward every day (see above). That will increase your earnings even more.

To be able to receive the discounts from adpacks you must click 10 ads daily in surf. You can find the surf under Advertising -> Surf Millionaire Ads and then Go To Revenue Qualification.

If you have any questions to the strategy feel free to contact me via email or FB here: Contact. I will explain you everything you need to know.

How to buy adpacks, how to click ads, where to find paid ads

You will find this information in the guide here: MXWorld: The best revshare.


Cashout minimum is $25.
The site supports the following payment processors: Payza, SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney.

Registration to MXWorld

Sign up to MXWorld here:


Update 5.9.2016: From now on qualification ads are not paid. You will earn nothing by viewing them. Admin removed this bonus because of growing amount of cheaters. Adpacks go like usual. The site is still reliably paying and now instantly!



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