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paying mxrevshare mxworldIn the previous article about MXWorld here I mentioned some basic information and strategy for MXWorld (previously known as MXRevshare), the best revshare nowadays.
The best and also reliably and instantly paying revshare site!
Now I will show you how to buy adpacks and how to earn even more money with MXWorld. Also how to earn some money for free.

What is MXWorld and who is behind it

MXRevshare adminsMXWorld is a PTC and revshare site from admin James Lee Valentine. Admin owns a whole network of various sites. He also teaches people how to earn on the Internet. He has written many books, he is doing webinars, he made many videos about earning money online and he is doing a lot of other online activities.
Therefore, his revshare site MXWorld has very good conditions for being successful and stable. Admin has not only the network of sites but also knows very well how to manage such site.
Admin guarantees that MXWorld, and all his other sites, will last at least till the year of 2020. A lot of time to earn a lot of money by then and on!
On the photo: main admin James Lee Valentine and technical admin Janus Nowak.

Registration to MXWorld

Sign up to MXWorld here:

Payment Proof

mxworld mxrevshare payment proof

More payment proofs:

payment proof mxworld


How to earn money with MXWorld

Buy adpacks with shares. You get discount of 110% for every adpack purchase. That means you can and should always buy more and more adpacks and get higher and higher sum of the discount every day. That is the strategy here.
Money obtained from discounts is withdrawable!
All you have to do to get the 110% discount is to click 10 Qualification ads every day.
Detailed explanation here: MXWorld: Revshare with 110% discount on adpacks.

How to buy adpacks with shares

Go to Advertising -> Ads Management.

mxworld buy adpack

Click on Buy Adpacks in section called Millionaire Ads.


If you want to purchase and earn in dollars go down on the page a little under the balance overview to section called Buy USD Adpacks.
Enter the number of adpacks you want to purchase (Packs To Purchase).
Choose the payment method (Payment Method).
Choose the pack type (Pack Type).
Click the Purchase USD Adpacks button.


Confirm the purchase by clicking on e.g. the Payza Buy Now (if you have chosen Payza).


Then you will be redirected to your chosen payment processor where you will pay. Done.

By clicking the Buy More button you can buy more adpacks.

First purchase

When you make your first purchase you will most probably see a red error saying that you need to set up a banner ad first. Go to the upper menu and click on Advertising -> Ads Management.
Click on Add New Ads.

mxworld add new ad

Millionaire Ad Description: description, eg. name of the site, title
Millionaire Ad Image URL: link to the image, banner
Millionaire Ad URL: link to the site, reflink
Millionaire Ad Credits: you can leave at 0
URL Language: EN = will be displayed to everyone
Do not add link nor banner to MXWorld.
Your ad must be approved first. After it is approved you can buy adpacks under the Advertising-> Ads Management link in the upper menu -> Buy Adpacks.

Consider waiting with the purchase till the next day because if you buy adpacks the same day when you registered your sponsor will get no reward from your purchase. You will not lose anything either way. Your sponsor will always be here to help you.

How to get free money for buying your own adpacks

How to get free money to buy your own adpacks? Refer people. You get 10% commissions from their purchases, lifetime! If you refer many people or someone that will buy many adpacks you will not need to use your own money to buy adpacks because you will have a lot of money from the commissions from referrals.
You can either withdraw the money from commissions or you can buy your own adpacks and create your passive income and let it grow.

How to earn more money

Click PTC ads. You get money for every click on a PTC ad.
Where you can find the PTC ads? Go to the Advertising -> Surf PTC Ads link in the upper menu:

mxworld surf ptc ads

Ads are not always there, but if you often check this section you will catch some ads for sure.
Example of ads I had:

mxrevshare ptc paid ads

Join our Facebook group here (Earnings-PTC) to know when the PTC ads are there!

Free adpacks lottery

Login to the site at least 2 times a day and surf 100 Qualification ads and you will get the chance to win the $50 adpack with share for free!

Registration to MXWorld

Sign up to MXWorld here:

Update 6 Dec 2016: USD Cashouts are disabled for 30 days. EUR and BTC cashouts work normally.

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