Jun 152016

ppcadsourcePPCAdSource is more than 2 years old, legit paying PTC site from the famous admin of traffic exchanges (e.g. TrafficSwirl), e-mail-marketing sites, analytics sites and training a more sites – John Bell (aka Insidmal, Conquest Marketing company, U.S.).
Typically for a traffic exchange owner, you will find a traffic exchange with cash rewards included in this PTC site too. You can advertise here for free.
The site does not offer the option to rent referrals which contributes to its stability.

Registration to PPCAdSource

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Payment proof

This PTC site has paid me several times already. See one of my payment proofs here:

ppcadsource výplata

Earn by viewing ads

Choose an ad and click on it. Example of ads:

ppcadsource reklamy

Time will run graphically in a green bar. Let it run out till the end.

ppcadsource shlížení reklam

Images will appear. Click on the one that is upside down.

ppcadsource výdělek klikáním na reklamy

If you clicked the correct image a confirmation with a green tick and the Thanks for watching! text will appear.

ppcadsource potvrzení reklamy thanks for watching

You can close the window with the ad and continue with the next ad till you see all of them.

Traffic exchange

You can find the traffic exchange in the top menu under View Ads -> Surf To Earn Credits.
You earn credits by viewing these ads. You can use these credits to advertise your own site or reflink. If you decide to advertise your reflink (of some other site) you will be getting referrals (to that site) that will earn money for you (at that site).
You view these ads the same way as the normal PTC ads, just do not close the window because the next ad will load automatically after you confirm your view.
You can enter your own site or your reflink in the left menu in Advertise section under Traffic Exchange Ads -> Add New Site.


This PTC site does not offer the option to rent referrals. However, you can refer other people yourself and earn both from their ad views and purchases. The purchase commissions are: $1 from upgrade purchases, 5% from advertisement purchases.
You do not need to view any ads to get earnings from your referrals which is a big advantage. So you can go on vacation any time and you do not need to worry about your earnings.
You can find your link for referring others (reflink) in the left menu in the Earnings section under Promotional Material.


Cashout minimum is $5.
This site supports PayPal and Payza.
They send cashouts every week on Friday.

Registration to PPCAdSource

Sign up to PPCAdSource here:





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