Oct 262017

resonance capitalResonance Capital is a real investment company with certificate which is online and reliably paying since June 2016
One of the few projects that are legit, long-term and worldwide growing. Here you have the possibility of real profit which you can withdraw weekly or reinvest if you want.
This company is really trading and its earnings are real.
Two offices of this company are in the U.S. and Lithuania.
This is not a HYIP neither a pyramid nor a matrix, this is a real project.

Resonance Capital: Real investment company with certificate 

Quality verified long-term investment company.
You can also get an agreement that will be sent to your home. Just verify your account by filling up your data in your profile.

Payment proofs

This company paid me already several times. Payments are always reliably and fast on my account, see the payment proofs: 

resonance capital payment 4

resonance capital payment

resonance capital payment proof

payment resonance capital

Registration to Resonance Capital

Sign up to Resonance Capital here:

resonance capital

Registration is free, you can explore your office for free.
Bonus $5 for sign up!

Investment plans

Minimum investment $50, maximum investment $20000.
There is a BONUS to every deposit – an extra adpack that will earn you extra money! E.g. if you invest $50, the bonus will be an extra $10.
Earnings are added every week on Friday.

The list of investments plans – packs

You can see at every plan how many packs of that plan you can buy at Available to Activate. You can buy 10 packs at the majority of the plans. 
Total profit in % you can find at Interest for the Period and it varies from 112% to 288% according to the plan.
Service Life means how long it takes till you receive the whole profit.
Profit for the Week means profit per week.
Profit for the Month means profit per month.
Profit for the Period means total profit.

Resonance capital plans

Resonance capital plans


Cashout minimum is $5.
They send payments every week if you request it.
They support PerfectMoney, AdvCash, Payeer, Bitcoin, OKPay, bank account.

Registration to Resonance Capital

Sign up to Resonance Capital here:

resonance capital

Bonus $5 for sign up! 


— This is not an investment recommendation —

— The investment is on your own risk and responsibility —

— Golden rule of investing: Invest only as much as you can afford to lose. —



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