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SupremeAdsSupremeAds is a brand new revshare site from a Slovak admin Martin Hornacek.
SupremeAds was launched very recently, on the 22nd of November 2016. It is at the very start and that is a great opportunity for you to join!
Payments are instant here, that means the money is instantly on your account after requesting the payout!
I have received 3 payments in 3 days, 5 payments total so far. The site is paying reliably.
Adpacks that can be bought on the site for you to earn money start  from only $2 which is affordable for really anyoneEarnings 120% – 130%, daily maximum 6%. Daily earnings from adpacks are high here, growing up very quickly. You can buy more and more adpacks from your earnings very fast and multiply your money further.

SupremeAds registration (Already SCAM! Do not register!)

Sign up to SupremeAds here:


Payment proofs

I have received 3 payments in 3 days, 5 payments total so far. The site is paying reliably. Payment proofs here (click the image to enlarge):

supremeads payment proof

supremeads payment proofsupremeads payment proof

PTC ads

You can find PTC ads in the top menu under the PTC Ads link.

supremeads ptc ads

The ads have nice values, one of the highest – you can earn money to buy adpacks by viewing ads too!

Steps: Choose an ad, click on it, let the time run out. You can see the time at the bottom of the page running in a blue strip. Wait till the Ad has been viewed and your account credited. message appears.

supremeads ad has been viewed

Then you can click on the green Close button. It will close the ad. You continue the same way with another ad.

Qualification ads

To receive earnings from adpacks it is needed to view 5 ads daily under the Directory link in the top menu.
You will earn $0.0005 per ad and 1 credit for Directory ads.

Steps: You view these ads the same way like the PTC ads. Choose a banner, click on it, the ad will open in a new window. Wait till the time strip runs till the end and the Close button appears. Press the Close button and continue with another ad.

How to set your own ad

Use the credits earned in the Directory section for your own advertisements.  You can set it in the left menu under the Business Directory -> Add Directory Ad.

supremeads add a text ad

There you can see the number of credits (Your Directory Ad credits) that you can use for promotion of your advertisement (which can be your own site or a reflink for other programs).

How to fill it up:
Directory Ad Description = title
Directory Ad Image = banner
Directory Ad Url = link to your site/reflink
Directory Ad Credits = the amount of credits you wish to add to this ad
Confirm by clicking the Add Text Ad button.

The ad credits that you buy with the adpacks can be added to your ads the same way under the Ads Management.

Why should you set an ad? You can get e.g. referrals for other programs that you do – if you enter your reflink from these programs to your ad. The referrals that you will get will earn you more money. So make sure to use your credits!

SupremeAds Strategy

The strategy is simple. You buy adpacks. They earn you a part of the total amount daily.
You buy more and more adpacks from your earnings. This way you earn more and more money till you get to the amount of daily earnings that you wish. Then you can start cashing out the net profit. You just keep the same number of your adpacks to earn the same amount of money every day and to be able to keep cashing out your desired amount.

Example: E.g. the $2 adpack earns 120% = $2.4. You will get a certain % daily based on the purchases on the site. Usually it is around 2-3%, the maximum is 6%.
If it were the 3% and you have bought 10 adpacks for $2 each ($20 total value, earnings 120% = $24), then 3% from $24 would get credited every day to your account = $0.72. You would reach the total earnings in 34 days.
Then you can count easily how many adpacks you have to buy to earn the amount that you want to have daily.
E.g. do you want $10 daily ($300 monthly)? Then it would be needed to buy 139 adpacks for $2 each.
E.g. from 200 adpacks for $2 each you can earn $14.4 daily ($432 monthly).

The maximum that you can buy is 200 basic (Bronze) adpacks for $2 each. Then you continue with the $5 adpacks (Silver), those have higher earnings of 125% and you can have 100 of them. Then you continue with the $10 adpacks (Golden), they have the highest earnings of 130% and you can have an unlimited amount of them. So the earnings are also unlimited.

The only limitation is the limit of daily cashouts which is $100 now but admin can make it higher in the future. Even like that it is $3000 per month that you can cashout monthly which is more than enough.

Adpacks overview (click the image to enlarge):

supremeads adpack types

Do not forget to view 5 ads daily in Directory for the earnings from adpacks to get credited!

How to buy adpacks

Go to the Buy Adpacks link in the left menu.

supremeads buy ads

There you will see the list of adpacks and what you will get in each of them. Every adpack contains ad credits. You can set your own ad, add the credits to the ad so the ad can be displayed to others. You can use it to promote your reflinks of other programs and get some referrals to them.
Choose the adpack type. If you are buying your first adpacks, choose the Adpack 1 (the one for $2).
Go down on the page and there you will see this:

supremeads buy adpack

Enter the number of adpacks you want to purchase (Packs To Purchase).
Choose the payment method (Payment Method).
Choose the adpack type (Pack Type).
Finally, press the Purchase Packs button.
Confirm the purchase. It will redirect you to the chosen payment processor. Login there and finish the purchase.


Cashout minimum is $5.
Payment processors: Payza, Perfectmoney, SolidTrustPay, Bitcoin, Payeer.
Payments are instant, immediately on your payment processor’s acount!


The site is new so be careful with depositing funds. The site is paying reliably and instantly. The earnings are very good. It is a good opportunity to earn some money but with new sites you never know if they would do well and if they would not end.
The admin is from Slovakia which is a big plus. You can contact him via Skype or FB. I did contact him already, he is very nice and helpful, without problem.
It is an opportunity to be at the start of a good project. Hopefully it will be successful!


Sign up to SupremeAds here:


Update 18 Dec 2016: The site is scam. Not paying, admin does not respond. Do not register!



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