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Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate ProgramTrafficHurricane is a PTC site, traffic exchange and revshare site with many high-valued ads. That means high earnings – you can reach the $2 payout minimum in several days. Earnings from adpacks are 110% – e.g. you earn $55 from $50 adpacks.
There is also a mobile app you can download – you can click ads even on your mobile phone!
The site is paying! They send the payments instantly – you have your money instantly on you payment processor account. The site paid me 8 times already. One of my latest payments:


Registration to TrafficHurricane

You can sign up to TrafficHurricane here:


Click on Register.

In the registration form, you will fill in one of your payment processors – Payza or SolidTrustPay.
If you do not have Payza or SolidTrustPay yet you can make your account here: Sign up for Payza here or Sign up for SolidTrustPay here.

If you want to register to TrafficHurricane under me, support me and this website, check during registration if you have the correct name at Your enroller’s name is = Veronika Cesalova. If you do not have it there or you have something else there, click on the banner again, then it should be correct.

What is TrafficHurricane

TrafficHurricane is a traffic exchange connected with PTC and revshare with very high earnings.

Paid to click

You will find many $0.001, $0.005, $0.01 a $0.02! ads in the PTC section which is very exceptional in the PTC world. Mainly it is exceptional that a site with so many high valued ads is paying! (Payment proofs here)
More ads appear during the day – check the site multiple times a day.
You can earn $0.15 – $0.35 daily and more which is really good because you have this from your own clicks only, you do not need referrals for that.

Where you can find ads and which ads are there

You can find paid ads here: Click Here to Go to Cash Links.

TrafficHurricane cashlinks

There are also Cash Tube Views – paid watching videos, click this too for more earnings.

This is how ads look like (example, every day there are different ads and different amount of ads):

traffichurricane reklamy

More ads – blue ones:

traffichurricane reklamy

And more ads – pink ones:

traffichurricane reklamy

How to click ads

At the chosen ad click on Claim.
Time is running:

traffichurricane reklamy

Enter the number and confirm by Credit Click!

traffichurricane reklamy

Done, click on Back to Account.

traffichurricane reklamy
You can view another ad.

Traffic exchange

You can click ads like in a normal traffic exchange. You click ads and get credits. You can add them to our own site that will display for free and you can get some referrals to other sites like this.
Buy anything on the site and you get better surf ratio 2:4 (surf 4 sites and get 2 credits which you can use for your own advertising) instead of 1:5 if you do not buy anything (buy ads of at least $1 value, e.g. Cash Links). Timer is 5s.
Good traffic exchange that will bring you a lot of visitors to your sites and referrals to advertised programs. Ad credits can be obtained in surf or bought.
You will find the traffic exchange here (at the very top of the page):

traffichurricane surf

Every day you must surf 50 pages (5s each) to receive earnings from referrals and revshare (adpacks).
A timer will start after you surf 50 pages – there will be 24 hours on the timer after you surf 50 ads and it will count down. The timer says how long you will keep earning from referrals’ clicks and revshare. You can reset the timer to 24 hours anytime by surfing another 50 ads.

traffichurricane casovac

On this picture you can see that there is 23h 27min 23s left on the timer. In this case, you will keep earning from referrals and revshare during this time – till 19.3.2017 20:31. If you surf 50 ads now you will have there 24 hours again.

How to add your own site

Click on My Websites -> Buy Credits in left menu. Then on New Site.
(click the image to enlarge)

traffichurricane pridat stranku

Add your site. Wait for admins approval. Then add credits to the site. Thanks to the credits the site will be displayed to others. 1 credit = 1 view.
Add credits to the site – click Manage.
Amount of credits you have you will find within this sentence: You have 354 unassigned credits on your account balance. You can assign them to your sites using ‘Manage’ button.


If you will have referrals on TrafficHurricane your earnings will be multiplied – you earn unbelievable 100% from referrals! Get just 1 referral and your earnings will be 2 times that!
Imagine now that you will not have only 1 referral but 10 (10 times the earnings) or 100 (100 times the earnings) – e.g. when you have 100 referrals you can earn $15 – $25 daily!
The amount of referrals you can have is not limited = your earnings are unlimited!
And this is only from clicking ads! You have also 10% commissions from their adpack purchases!


Another way how to earn on TrafficHurricane is purchasing Upgrades (that is the same like shares).

Normal adpack for $50

You buy upgrade in the $50 adpack (Buy Adpack With Upgrade).
1 adpack with upgrade for $50 will earn $55 for you. Net profit is $5 from every adpack.

Adpack contains:
– 1 share/upgrade
– 20 PPC banner credits (for PTC section)
– 1000 traffic exchange credits (the same credits that you can get in surf for free)

Shares (Upgrade) are profit shares of the site. You will keep getting shares till your reward reaches $55. You will get these shares only if you surf 50 ads every day – your timer must be active (green) to receive earnings from shares. So do not forget to surf 50 ads every day for fastest earnings.

Mobile adpack for $25

Mobile adpack costs $25 and you can buy it only via mobile phone (via CommunityAds+ app in Google Play Store – OS Android only).
You will find this option in the left menu under Mobile App Pack / Upgrade.
It contains 1 share/upgrade and 1000 traffic exchange credits.
It will earn $27.50 for you.
Surfing 25 ads daily is enough.

How to buy adpacks with share/upgrade

On the image below (click the image to enlarge) you see where you can buy the adpack with share/upgrade – click on the 20 PPC / TE Credits under the Buy Adpacks w/upgrade.

traffichurricane zakoupeni balicku reklamy

Set banner clicking on Setup a New Banner Ad.
Go down and fill it in like this – example:

traffichurricane pridat reklamu

Title of Campaign = e.g. BestRefback4U
Target Link = link/reflink (e.g. http://www.bestrefback4u.com)
Banner Image URL = e.g. http://bestrefback4u.com/banners/banner2.png
If you do not have what to promote you can use the data from the image.

Then you go through Banner Activation (wait 10s and click at Back to My Ads).
Then click at Buy AdPack at your ad.

traffichurricane koupit balicek

Click on Buy AdPack to buy adpack with share/upgrade.
If you would click on Add Clicks you would not buy shares but only ad credits and that would give you no earnings.
Select payment processor under Select Processor:, select amount and press Preview.
You can take a part of the payment from the main balance of your account (you pay the second part from payment processor). If you want it like this tick the take my $x.00 Account balance.
Then click on Pay Now. You will get redirected to payment processor where you confirm the purchase. Done.

How to cash out

Click on the green Withdraw button under the balance.
Payment minimum is $2 to Payza and SolidTrustPay. The minimum is raised by $1 with every payment.
To be able to cash out you must buy at least 1 adpack (the one for $25 is enough) from payment processor. Tip: First earn that much on the site then buy adpack and cash out right away. And the adpack will earn you extra money.

Registration to TrafficHurricane

You can sign up to TrafficHurricane here:




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