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Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate ProgramLet me introduce you the best PTC-revshare site ever made – TrafficMonsoon!
TrafficMonsoon is a more than a year old PTC site with revshares, paying instantly!
And the best part – TrafficMonsoon offers really high earnings, many high valued ads, awesome earnings from referrals – you get full 100% from clicks your referrals make and 10% from their purchases!
I already made more than $8100 in total! And withdrawn 76+ payments in total!
See one of my last payment proofs:

trafficmonsoon payment proofs

Registration to TrafficMonsoon

For registration to TrafficMonsoon click on this banner:

Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program

What is TrafficMonsoon

TrafficMonsoon is a traffic exchange mixed with PTC and revshare. Its PTC section is of very high earnings.

Paid To Click

You will find many ads of $0.01 and $0.02! values in PTC section, which is very rare in the PTC world. What is even more rare – when PTC site with such high ad values is really paying! (See payment proofs here)
There are also many ads of $0.005 and $0.001 values.
Many ads are being added during the day so check the PTC section many times a day.
You can earn easy $0.15 – $0.25 daily and more (some days even more than $0.5!) which is very good when you consider its from your own clicking only, you do not need referrals to earn that much nor to invest!

How to click ads

Paid ads can be found under Cash Links (green button in account under earnings). This button usually appears after you surf the 10 required sites in their traffic exchange (see below).


Example of ads (you will get even more during the day):

trafficmonsoon ads

Choose an ad and click on Claim.
Time is running:



Write the number you see and confirm by clicking on the Credit Click! button.



Done, click on Back to Account.



Now you can view another ad.

Traffic exchange

You click ads as in every other traffic exchange – you click ads and get credits for it, then you add these credits to your site which will be displayed for free this way and you get viewers for your site, you can get referrals for other PTC sites etc.
Surt ratio is 2:1 (you get 1 credit for 2 clicks) with 20s timer.
You can find the traffic exchange here:


You must surf 10 sites in the traffic exchange every day to get earnings from referrals and shares.
When you surf the 10 sites, qualification timer will start and will be green, you will see the time during which you will be earning from refs and shares – 24h from the start of surfing. You can reset the timer back to 24h anytime by surfing another 10 sites.

trafficmonsoon timer
On the picture above you can see there is 20h 56min 26s left – so long I will be earning from referrals and shares (till 18 Jan 2016 11:26) . If I surf 10 ads now, the timer will go back to 24h.

How to add your site

Click on My Websites. Then on New Site.
(click to enlarge)

trafficmonsoon add site

Add you site and wait for admin approval. You can add credits to your site after site gets approved. The site will be displayed to others thanks to the credits. 1 credit = 1 view.
You can credits to your site via the Manage button.
How many credits you have you can see in the sentence: You have 75 unassigned credits on your account balance. You can assign them to your sites using ‘Manage’ button.


If you get some referrals to TrafficMonsoon, your earnings will raise rapidly – you earn unbelievable 100% from your referrals! So get just 1 referral and your earnings will double!
Now imagine that you will not have only 1 referral but for example 10 (means 10times higher earnings) or 100 (100 times higher earnings) – if you have 100 referrals you can be earning easy $15-$25 daily (some days even $50/day and more, depends on number of ads).
There is no limit for referrals = earnings are unlimited too!


Another way how you can earn at TrafficMonsoon is to buy AdPacks with Shares (Revenue Sharing Positions).
1 Adpack with 1 share cost $50.
1 Share earns $55. Net profit is $5 from every Share.

AdPack content:
– 1 Revenue Sharing Position
– 20 PPC banner credits
– 1000 exchange credits

Shares are shares on sites revenue, you will be getting the revenue shares earnings till you get to $55. You will be earning only when you have the 10 sites surfed (if you have the timer active/green). So surf the required sites every day for the fastest earnings.
Earnings from shares differ every day, but on average you will be getting around $1 every day for 55 days.

How to buy AdPacks with Shares

See on the picture below (click to enlarge) where you can buy Shares – click on 20 PPC / TE Credits under Buy Sharing Positions.

trafficmonsoon buy shares


Set your banner by clicking on Setup a New Banner Ad. (click to enlarge)

trafficmonsoon add banner

After setting your ad click on Buy AdPack.
By clicking on Buy AdPack you will buy adpack with share.
If you click on Add Clicks, you dont buy Shares but only ad and it will not earn you anything.
Choose payment processor under Select Processor:, choose amount and press Preview.
You can pay part of your payment from main balance and part from payment processor – if you want this, tick take my $x.00 Account balance.
Click on Pay Now, you will be redirected to payment processor where you confirm the purchase. Done.

How to cashout

You can withdraw your earned money by clicking on green Withdraw button next to your balance.
The cashout minimum is $2 and the site is paying to Payza and SolidTrustPay.
Second cashout minimum is $3 and its going by $1 per next payment till it reaches $10.
Instant payments!

Note: Now the site is setting up its own bank in Dubai and credit cards, it will take around 2 months to get it done. Till that time payments will be sent in several days, not instantly anymore.

Update (27 Jan 2016): They are paying. See my payment proof from 26 Jan 2016:

výplata TM

Registration to TrafficMonsoon

Sign up to TrafficMonsoon here:

Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program

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