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moonbitcoinBest faucets! The best sites to earn free bitcoin, dogecoin, litecoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash, blackcoin, dash, peercoin, primecoin. Earn easily more cryptocurrencies at the same time. You can exchange them between each other, sell and buy. 
I will show you a couple of wallets where you can store, mine and further multiply cryptocurrencies.
You will find here a list of the best long time reliably paying sites for earning cryptocurrencies for free – they are called faucets. Only the best faucets, paying faucets, verified faucets!
Earning bitcoin, dogecoin, litecoin, ethereum and more cryptocurrencies is really easy here.

How to earn on faucets

Just register, enter your wallet or (cryptocurrency) address, complete the captcha and click on Claim. That’s all, you have bitcoins on your account! Very simple. 
You can claim many times a day, every hour, every 5 min etc. You can collect nice amounts.
Rotate the faucets, go through all of them and then again and again, so long as you like. You can stop and continue anytime.
Make a list of your faucets or keep them all open in your browser and only switch between the tabs. 


CoinPot – Bitcoin Core, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Dash wallet

You can exchange, sell, buy Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Litecoin and Dash here.
You can also mine these cryptocurrencies here. You can find the mining of bitcoins here: DashBoard -> View bitcoin summary -> Mine bitcoin… You can mine the other coins this way as well.
You can send money to CoinPot from all of their faucets – bitcoin, dogecoin and litecoin.
There is a transaction history, graphs, balance. It is very simple and the design is well done, easy to navigate, I like it a lot.
So you can earn doge and lite, exchange it straight away to bitcoin if you want and send it to your bitcoin address.

Sign up here: https://coinpot.co

FaucetHub – bitcoin, dogecoin, litecoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash, blackcoin, dash, peercoin, primecoin wallet

The most popular wallet/microwallet for accepting micropayments from faucets. Supports a lot of popular faucets.
You will find here a currency exchange and many faucets where you can earn many popular coins.
There have also games here and you can even create your own faucet here too.
You can earn bitcoin and other coins on their offerwalls too.

Sign up to FaucetHub here.

Faucets with cash out to bitcoin/litecoin/dogecoin/dash address or CoinPot

The list of faucets that support also cash outs to CoinPot wallet, apart from classic cryptocurency address. They all have the same owner. All of the sites are paying for years, they are verified by time. This is the best of the best.


Get free bitcoins every 5 minutes. You can claim bitcoins anytime, they add up every minute. The more you wait the more BTC you can claim. You can claim how much you want and when you want!
Claiming bitcoins is very easy – just click on Claim, complete captcha and Claim.
Many bonuses – for that you claim every day, Mystery bonus etc.
You can also mine bitcoins here, just tick the NEW BONUS Run mining bonus (what is this?).
Earnings from referrals 25% + bonuses.
The site is paying for years every week, minimum cash out from 25000 satoshi. Example of my payments on the image below.

MoonBitcoin důkaz výplaty

Sign up to MoonBitcoin here:



Same like Moonbitcoin, but here you earn free Dogecoin. Earnings from referrals 25% + bonuses.

Sign up to MoonDogecoin here:



Same like Moonbitcoin, but here you earn free Litecoin. Earnings from referrals 25% + bonuses.

Sign up to MoonLitecoin here:



Same like Moonbitcoin, but here you earn free Dash. Earnings from referrals 25% + bonuses.

Sign up to MoonDash here:



Same like Moonbitcoin, but here you earn free Bitcoin Cash. Earnings from referrals 25% + bonuses.

Sign up to MoonCash here:



Earn free Bitcoin. Supports CoinPot. Earnings from referrals 50%.

Sign up to BitFun here:



Earn free Bitcoin. Supports CoinPot. Earnings from referrals 50%.

Sign up to BonusBitcoin here:


Faucets with cash out to bitcoin address



Cashout minimum 25000 satoshi. Payments every week to your BTC address.

Sign up to FieldBitcoins here:



Best BTC faucet! Payments every week to your BTC address. Earn 4% p.a. interest on your Bitcoin balance!
Payment proofs:


Sign up to FreeBitcoin here


Guide how to claim bitcoins on a faucet

Example with MoonBitcoin. All other faucets work the same way or very similarly.
Sign up/login to the faucet. (MoonBitcoin on the image) and click on Claim now.

moonbitcoin guide

A pop-up will show up. Complete the captcha and click on Submit.

moonbitcoin guide

And that’s all, you have your free bitcoins on your account. 
Repeat e.g. every hour, according to the timer on the faucet. At MoonBitcoin you can claim every 5 min.

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