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ClixsenseIf you want to be successful in the Paid To Click world and you do not want to make only few dollars monthly, you have to know how to do it.
Firstly, it is important to choose the right PTC site. I personally recommend Clixsense.
Clixsense is one of the biggest and best PTC sites out there (it has more than 5 million members). Also it belongs among the oldest paying PTC sites (paying since 2007). Clixsense is very reliable and stable.
Clixsense paid me many times, all my payment proofs can be found here.
Click on the image to enlarge:

Clixsense payment proof

Registration to Clixsense

Sign up to Clixsense here:



Clixsense strategy

Clixsense is one of the best and most suitable PTC sites for your attention also because it has 8 levels of referrals!
When you refer a new member and he signs up under you, you will be earning money from his activity on the site. You earn a certain % of what he earns. At Clixsense you earn also from members that are registered under your direct referrals, in 8 levels!

Another great thing about Clixsense is that you can see very detailed statistics about everything what you have earned. Even from referrals. So you always know what exactly you earned, when and for what.

Next very important thing at PTC sites is their admin or owner. He takes care of the site, he should be there to help you if you have some issues. Depending on his approach to these things you can clearly see if he is serious with his site. There is much higher probability the site will stay long and will keep earning good money for you if its admin is handling the site well.
In my experience, Clixsense admin is very kind, responding to support tickets fast. I have never had any problem with Clixsense. That is why I highly recommend this site!

How to earn money at Clixsense

Sign up to Clixsense here:


Use Gmail for registration to make sure the verification email will arrive into your inbox.
Verify you email by clicking on the link in the verification email.
Fill up your profile at Clixsense.

Install their toolbar

Toolbar is a really great thing. You can immediately see all new ads and surveys, you can check your earnings fast anytime. You will never miss any ad from now on!
You do not have to install it if you do not want but I recommend doing so.

Paid To Click section – View Ads

The basic method of earning money at any Paid To Click site is viewing ads.
Click on View Ads.

Clixsense view ads
Click all ads one by one.
Choose one ad, click on it, the ad will open in new window/tab.

clixsense paid to click ads
You will see pictures of dogs and cat on the top. Click on the cat (there is always only 1 cat).

clixsense click on cat
Time is running.

clixsense ad timer
Let the time run to 0. Then the reward will be credited to your account.

clixsense ad reward credited
Now you can close the window/tab and repeat the same with another ad till you click all ads.

ClixGrid game

ClixGrid is a game where you can win up to $10 daily!
There is a chance to win money. The chance is kind of high. I usually win every 3rd day.

How to play ClixGrid

Click on any square, an ad will be opened in new window/tab. View the ad till the time runs to 0. Then you will know if you won something.
Now you can close the window/tab and continue by clicking on another square.
You have 30 chances, use all of them. Upgraded members have 60 chances!

clixsense clixgrid game
How to win in ClixGrid

You can win: $10, $5, $2.5, $1, $0.5, $0.1, 5 extra chances etc.

It is all about the chance – the more you click the higher chance to win.
It does not matter which square you click nor what pattern you create by your clicking.
The only way to increase your chance to win is to click as many squares as you can.
You can buy the Premium upgrade to increase your chances from 30 to 60 and also to reduce the time needed to view 1 ad from 10 to 5 seconds.

Example of what I won: $2.5.

clixsense won 2.5 dollars


Complete surveys too (under Surveys link). There are very nice rewards for them, often around $1 and more.


Complete Offers (under Offers link).
There are some paid offers with high rewards and also many free offers.
The free offers are usually very easy.
Example of free offers: sign ups, completing surveys, trying Facebook applications and games, playing browser games, watching videos and many more.
They are very fast to do (few seconds or minutes only) and the rewards are much higher than those for clicking PTC ads.


I highly recommend doing tasks (under Tasks link).
Tasks are very fast and simple. Their main advantage is rewards are credited to your account instantly after successful completion!
Example of tasks: sorting Tweets to categories, sorting search terms according to relevance, search for addresses and phone numbers and many more.
You will earn more than anywhere else by Tasks!

How to earn money by Tasks

Tasks are in various languages (mostly in English, German or French).
Choose a Task (activity).
Read the instructions and examples carefully! You will learn a lot about what to do and how to complete the task.
First you go through few test tasks. According to your results (according to how many test tasks you have filled out correctly), it will be assessed whether you are suitable for this activity.
If you succeed live test begins where you earn money.
If you fail you have this activity blocked forever. Therefore, you should really try to do it correctly right at the first try. If you block the activity, it is no biggie, there are plenty of other tasks you can try.

You can earn a lot here – even $1 or more, depending on your mood and time.

Daily Checklist Bonus

There is one cool bonus for taking part in all those activities described above. It is called Daily Checklist Bonus. You will get this bonus if you complete all the tasks required there.
You can find it under Account on the right side.

clixsense daily checklist bonus
Tasks with red cross are not completed yet. Next to it you see what has to be done to complete it.
Tasks with green tick are completed and you see money earned from them on the right.
If you have the green tick everywhere, congratz, you completed your Daily Checklist Bonus. You will get 5% bonus (or 12% bonus if you are upgraded) of everything you earned that day!
You can increase the bonus by completing the Extra Bonuses to up to 7% (16% if you are upgraded).

clixsense daily checklist bonus
I highly recommend to purchase the Premium upgrade if you are doing Tasks. The bonus is really worth it and you will earn much more!

Direct Referrals

You can refer people to Clixsense and you will earn certain % from what they earn (upgraded members earn 2x more!).
Your earnings can multiply like this and you can earn thousands dollars or more monthly. Clixsense can even become your main passive income!
If you have 10+ active referrals, I recommend buying the Premium upgrade. You will earn much more from your referrals!
You will find your link for referring people under Account -> My Affiliate Link.

Premium upgrade

If you are serious with earning at Clixsense buy the Premium upgrade.
It costs only $17 and it is for a whole year!
Payout minimum will get lowered from $8 to $6.
You will have more ads – 4 guaranteed $0.01 ads instead of just 1 as a standard member.
60 ClixGrid chances instead of 30 and 5 seconds timer instead of 10 seconds.
Higher earnings from your referrals, 2x higher commissions from their purchases which are now unlimited!
You get commissions from upgrade purchases on all 8 referral levels now instead of just 1 as a standard member! $2 from your direct referrals and $1 from the other 7 levels.
You get $1 per each referral that earns at least $5 (from PTC, Tasks, Offers)! Compared to standard membership where you earn only $0.5 per each referral that earns at least $10.
10% from Tasks and Offers completed by referrals instead of 5%.
Higher bonus for completed Daily Checklist Bonus – 12 up to 16% instead of 5 up to 7%.
Definitely worth it!

Money withdrawals

PayPal and Payza are supported.
If you do not have them you can get Paypal here nebo Payza here.
Cashout minimum for standard members is $8, for upgraded only $6.

Sign up and start earning now!

Register to Clixsense here:


If you would like to register to more PTC sites (and thus to further increase your earnings) try PTC sites mentioned in the List of Best Paying PTC Sites.



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