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rotate4all ptp paid to promoteVery recently, I came across a very interesting PTP site from admin of Rotate4All (Ivan Levente), a rotating advertising system. Ads of his system can be seen on many (100+) PTC sites simultaneously.
Now he added a new feature to the system – a PTP site called simply Rotate4All PTP. Here you can promote your site via PTP or earn money by promoting your PTP reflink.
There are no limits on how much you can earn! Your earnings depend on how much you are promoting your reflink.
Rotate4All PTP is best mainly for those who do a lot of surfing at traffic exchanges (manualsurfs) or have some unassigned credits at PTC sites (eg. if you buy advertising packages at Paidverts and have nothing to advertise).

Registration to Rotate4All PTP

Sign up to Rotate4All PTP here:

Rotate4All PTP paid to promote

Payment proof

I have already received many payments, more than 16. Paying always reliably in 24h!

Rotate4All payment proof

How does PTP work?

PTP means Paid To Promote.
Sign up at Rotate4All PTP and you get your PTP reflink. PTP reflink is used to earn money and to get referrals to Rotate4All PTP at the same time!
Insert your PTP reflink to some traffic exchange or PTC site etc., add earned/purchased credits to it. Reflink is showing to others and you are earning.
How PTP reflink looks like:

How much can I earn?

You earn from all unique visits as well as from up to 5 repeated visits daily (up to $0.000315/IP/day). Therefore, even sources of repeated visits are suitable too – Eg. AdGrid advertising, some smaller traffic exchanges, etc.
You earn also 20% commissions from your referrals.
Not a problem to earn $1 daily or more if you advertise a lot.
TIP: If you are using some traffic exchange insert your PTP reflink there. You will be earning at the traffic exchange and at Rotate4All PTP at the same time!

Advertising Rules

Allowed sources of traffic

Advertise your PTP reflink here and you will earn money:
– PTC sites
– manual traffic exchanges
– rotators
– any traceable traffic source with min. 3 sec exposure time.
Eg. your own sites are allowed too if the visitor stays at least 3s at the opened link.

Invalid sources of traffic

These sources of visits are not counted to earnings and are displayed as Invalid hits. Do not put your PTP reflink here:
– autosurfs
– no referrer/direct visits
– hidden iframes
– proxies
– other PTP programs
– mobile traffic (screen resolution too small)
– fake referrer traffic
– non-traceable traffic
– all visits with less than 3 sec duration, regardless of their source

Tips on where to advertise your reflink

Best is to advertise somewhere where the visitor is forced to have the page opened for at least 3s.
– AdGrid game at PTC sites
– PTC section at PTC sites
– traffic exchange
– traffic exchange at PTC sites
– your site, blog


– Paidverts – set the ad with reflink when buying advertising packages
BestAurora4U (PTC site with traffic exchange)
– traffic exchange TrafficSwirl (recommended, verified)
– traffic exchange NewWaySurf (recommended, verified)
– traffic exchange TrafficG (verified)
– traffic exchange EasyHits4U (recommended, verified)

Account overview

Log in, click on Home link. There you will see something like this (click to enlarge):

rotate4all home reflink pay rates

You will find your PTP reflink next to the Here’s your PTP and referral link text.
The stripe below the Your current account balance graphically shows how much you have left to payout. When the stripe is all red you have reached the minimum payment and you can request payment.
Current pay rates per valid visit is an overview of what you can earn per visit. First one is a unique visit, followed by a 5 non-unique visits. Rewards decrease with repeated visits.

You can find your earnings statistics under Statistics.
There you will find statistics for the last 30 days per each day, and the total earnings.
(click to enlarge)

rotate4all earnings statistics

These statistics you see are the result of placement of my reflink on only 1 page! (for testing) where visitors click the link freely only if they are interested in it (that is why there are not many visitors). And you can see that it still works. In the upcoming days I intend to test also traffic exchanges and other sites out and we’ll see what happens with earnings. Certainly, it wouldn’t be a problem to get to eg. $0.1 a day. I’ll try to cross the $1 a day too.


The payout minimum is very low, just $2.
They send payments to PayPal and Payza.


Sign up to Rotate4All PTP here:

Rotate4All PTP paid to promote

Last update: 22.9.2017



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