Oct 262017

streetlottery lotteryJoin free lottery and win free money just for login!
It is really enough to just login to get qualified for daily, weekly or monthly draw.
Prizes are sent immediately after any winnings to Paypal usually in 24h and the sites do not have any cash out minimum. 
All lotteries mentioned here are free and without any fees! 
Below I will show you working and paying lotteries. Their income source is from advertising. They are members of a group of free lotteries which guarantees their quality, no misuse of your email, no spam, verified payments of winners. 
I wish you good luck and have fun!

Lottery: Win free money just for login daily


Sign up to TheStreetLottery here:


Lottery online and paying since 2015. Without fees and free!
There is daily, weekly, monthly and video draw.
Just register, the site needs only your username and email. Enter the same email as you have on Paypal or you would not be able to receive prizes. Email cannot be changed after registration. 

Daily Draw is drawn daily at midnight. If you win you have to claim the prize in 24h or you lose it. It is recommended to login regularly every day so you do not miss your winings.  
Just login and click in menu on Daily Draw. Check there if you see You have checked today! there and how many points you have: You have (x) Points.
Daily prize is $10.

Weekly Draw is drawn every Monday and is won automatically by that member that has the most points in the given week. This prize does not have to be claimed, it is credited automatically. 

Monthly Draw is drawn every first day in a month. All members that logged in every day in the previous month automatically enter this draw.  This lottery must be claimed so check it every 1st of the month and do not forget to claim it if you win.
Monthly prize is now $76 and is raised from unclaimed prizes.

Video Draw you can join by collecting points for watching videos under Draws -> Video Draw -> Watch Videos link or More Entries -> Watch Videos.
3 watched videos = 10 points. The more videos you see, the higher chance you have to win. Drawing takes place every Monday morning.

Every login is counted and added. The more logins 1 times daily, the more entries into the draw, the higher chance to win you have.

Under More Entries -> Street Lottery you can try your luck and win some points. 1 ticket is for 10 points and prizes are around 450 points, it depends on how many tickets were purchased. The site gives 300 for winnings for the start. 10 members win every day.

You earn 20% from what your referrals win in daily draw. Referrals must claim the prize, only then you get the commission. If the referral does not claim the prize you do not get anything. You also have to claim the commission that day when the referral claims it (in 24h after he won). If you do not claim it you get nothing.

If you win your points are zeroed and after you claim it money is sent to your Paypal in 24h.

Sign up to TheStreetLottery here:



Sign up to BigFreeGiveaway here:

bigfreegiveaway loterie

This lottery is completely free. It is a new paying lottery which is online since 2017.
I used Facebook for sign up, because email did not work for me.
Login daily to get as many tickets as possible into the weekly draw.
For joining the lottery go every day to Results and click there on Claim today’s ticket.
There you can see when the next draw takes place and what will be the prizes. Every week 10 members win. First place wins over 11€. Prizes depend (and raise) on  how many tickets were claimed.
Drawing takes place every Saturday.

bigfreegiveaway loterie

In your profile under My Account fill in your PayPal Email so you can receive the prizes.

You have 1 ticket per each referral. Every week, the one who referred the most people wins 5€.

This lottery is paying to PayPal.

Sign up to BigFreeGiveaway here:

bigfreegiveaway loterie


Sign up to FreeSpin here:


From TheStreetLottery admins.
Enter just your email for sign up and you can spin right away.
You can create as many accounts as you want, but only emails that are registered with Paypal can receive the prize. You can add more emails into your Paypal account so you can create as many accounts as are allowed to have there.
You can spin 1 times daily. Spin by pressing the Spin Now button.

6 times 7 wins the jackpot.
5 times 7 adds $1 to your bonus.
4 times 7 wins a free spin.
When you win you win jackpot + bonus.
Under the rollers you see the amount of your bonus.
Jackpot is now over $1000!

You get $1 to your bonus per each referral when the referral plays for the first time.

Sign up to FreeSpin here:




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