Jan 132020
PTCShare: Click on ads of 1+ dollar value

Legit site Paidverts opened its sister site PTCShare (same admin). Paidverts is reliably paying for more than 5 years. PTCShare has the same system as Paidverts, so you can click on ads of dollar value there too! You will not have these ads right away, but if you build your account by your activity and you keep collecting BAP you will get to better and … Read more >>

Sep 242017
Paidverts: Click on ads of 1+ dollar value

Are you looking for a legit PTC site paying for years where you will not click for cents but for whole dollars? PTC site where is 1 dollar and more per click? And where you do not need to buy membership or anything else and where you do not need to refer people to get these values? You just found … Read more >>