Jan 132020

PTCShareLegit site Paidverts opened its sister site PTCShare (same admin). Paidverts is reliably paying for more than 5 years. PTCShare has the same system as Paidverts, so you can click on ads of dollar value there too!
You will not have these ads right away, but if you build your account by your activity and you keep collecting BAP you will get to better and better ads with timehigher values and more ads. BAP are something like their points – they are exchanged to paid ads you can view and earn money from.
PTCShare is a better version of Paidverts. There are many extra things – eg. BAP Marketplace where you can buy and sell BAP for money, and you will also get more ads every day.
PTCShare gives a lot of bonus rewards for activity. You will get BAP bonuses daily which you can claim with only 1 click. The more active you will be, the more bonuses you will get. Eg. bonus for login daily, for being a member for x days, for viewing ads, for buying adpacks, for playing games, for referring others etc. 
The goal is to get to as high BAP group as possible so you get more ads and higher valued ads.
You can buy BAP too – with adpacks (Bulk Ads). 1 adpack costs $1 and you will get 2360 BAP with it (you will earn 118% from them).
You can earn completely for free and you do not need to refer anyone!

An example of value of ads


Payment proofs PTCShare

My payment proofs from Paidverts – see here: 60 payment proofs from Paidverts.

Registration to PTCShare

Sign up to PTCShare here:


Make sure that you have “Iriss2” in this sentence above captcha: “I confirm that I was referred by Iriss2“. (like on the image, click to enlarge)
I sometimes send some free BAP to my referrals.

PTCShare Registrace

How to click ads at PTCShare

Go to Earn -> View Ads.

PTCShare View Ads

You will see blue ads for BAP and green ads for cash there. View them all.
I already had these ads the very first day:

PTCShare Ads

It is important to click also the BAP ads because you will get more paid ads from the BAP you will have. The more BAP, the more ads and the higher values of ads.
So view both blue and green ads.
Click on the View Activation Ad and on the View Paid Ad.

How to view ads

Click on an ad for BAP or cash. After the ad opens click on the correct image (captcha).
Then time is running. After time runs out you will get your reward. Continue by clicking on the Next button until you view all ads.

Grid game

You can win up to $10 nebo 100 000 BAP in the Grid game! You have 20 chances daily for free.
How to click Grid? Choose any square and click on it. The rest is same like viewing normal ads. After you view the ad you choose another square and so on, until you use all of your chances. 

PTCShare Grid

You can also earn money by completing offers and tasks. You can also try playing their other games. 

How to earn on PTCShare more and faster? Buy adpacks with BAP

How to buy adpacks with BAP?

Adpacks with BAP are called Bulk Ads. You can buy them under Buy Ads -> Bulk Ads. Each adpack costs $1 and earns 118%.
First enter a website there that you want to promote. For example any of your reflinks. And banner, you will usually find it in promotional materials on the given site. Then you will finalize the order.
You will get advertising, you can get referrals, sales, visits, traffic (according to what you advertised) and you will get 2360 BAP in each adpack you buy.
BAP will be exchanging to paid ads in the next days. View all these ads – that is how you earn the 118%. Make sure you do not miss any of the ads. It is very important to view them all. 
Buying adpacks will also help you to get to higher BAP groups faster where you will be getting ads of higher values.

Registration to PTCShare

Sign up to PTCShare here:


Registration to Paidverts

Paidverts is sister site of PTCShare that is reliably paying for more than 5 years.
Sign up to Paidverts here:


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