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How to start earning with PTC sitesHow to start earning with PTC sites? We will answer this question in the following article.
Before you start with PTC sites, register at BestRefback4U.com. This is a refback site with focus on PTC sites. Not only does it help you to start earning, it also selects the best PTC sites out there. When you sign up to PTC sites under BestRefback4U you’ll be getting extra money for your clicking, this way you get the maximum from PTC sites!
The most important step when you want to start earning at PTC sites is to sign up well under the right person so you are able to start receiving this extra money called refback.

They will give you a sign up bonus!: you will get a small cash to your account, free premium upgrade for a month and free advertising credits. Credits can be used for advertising your own websites, e-shops, reflinks, anything.

How to start earning with PTC sites?

Start earning online with PTC sites! Register by clicking on the banner:

After registration, verify your email address (by clicking on the link in the verification email you will receive) and log in.

Click on Refback Sites link in menu. This is a list of sites where they pay you for viewing ads for which BestRefback4U offers bonus called refback – BestRefback4U will give you bonus for every viewed ad on these sites.

Why will BestRefback4U give you a bonus?

That’s because you sign up via their referral link. This way PTC sites know BestRefback4U referred you and that you are signed up under BestRefback4U. PTC sites pay them commissions for referring you to these PTC sites. BestRefback4U shares this commissions with you and pay it to you as refback.
This way you earn not only at PTC sites but you also earn the bonus (refback) at BestRefback4U – at the same time!

Therefore, if you ever want to register to some sites that offer cash for viewing ads (ei. Paid To Click sites – PTC) and want to start earning there, always register through BestRefback4U – they give you bonus so you earn more than if you would have registered on your own (under noone). Moreover, BestRefback4U is choosing the best and most reliable PTC sites, is watching them daily and alerts you in time if a certain PTC site would have problems with payments.

For starters, I recommend to choose those sites marked as Paying, these sites are realiable and paying, most suitable for those who want to start earning at PTC sites.
Sites marked as New: they are trying them and testing them if they are paying. You can also try these, but there is some risk that they will not be paying. BestRefback4U can’t guarantee you the reliability of the sites, but is trying to do their best to choose the best sites: List of the Best and Paying PTC Sites.
Other ways to earn at BestRefback4U are watching videos, clicking ads and completing other simple tasks as well as referring people.

How to sign up to PTC sites properly and get refback?

Everything is beautifully explained here even with pictures: How to start earning money: How to register at PTC sites and start getting refback.

When you click ads at PTC sites, you get money at PTC sites and at BestRefback4U at the same time!
The more PTC sites you sign up to, the more you earn. You can sign up to other PTC sites anytime!

At BestRefback4U you can track your earnings under My Account -> Refback Joined -> Earnings.
Statistics are updated manually once in a while so just don’t panic that there is nothing when you look there for the first time.

You can withdraw your earned money after reaching a certain minimum (mostly $1 – $4 at PTC sites, $1.5 at BestRefback4U) to some of the virtual wallets – I recommend to set up a PayPal account if you don’t already have one. PayPal is supported by all reliable PTC sites plus you can withdraw your money quickly, easily and for free directly to your bank account.

How it works and which PTC sites you recommend?

For more information about how BestRefback4U works, and list of recommended PTC sites. (link will be here soon)

If you have any questions feel free to contact me, I’ll be happy to explain everything to you.

How to click and earn on PTC sites?

The answer can be found in the article: How to click and earn on PTC sites.

What are PTC sites and what do I need to get started?

The answer can be found in the article: Viewing ads – What are PTC Sites.

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