Jun 282015
Best Paid To Click sites (PTC) - List

These are the best Paid To Click sites (PTC) and other programs that can be found on the Internet. Most of them are online for many years already, they are reliable and paying. I offer refback for most of these sites (I will be paying you extra money for clicking if you sign up to PTC sites under me, you … Read more >>

Jun 272015
Viewing ads - What are PTC sites

We are viewing ads every day – on the computer and television, they bother most of us, we usually overlook them. How about getting paid for viewing these ads? That’s different, isn’t it? In this article I’ll show you where you can get paid for viewing ads and where you will even get a bonus for that! I will explain … Read more >>

Jun 272015
General rules of PTC sites

What are the rules of PTC sites, what can’t you do at PTC sites, what can be your account suspended for? Always read the Terms of Service (ToS), every PTC site has them, it can be usually found at the bottom of the page under Terms of Service link. These are the rules of PTC sites – there you will … Read more >>