Aug 012016

mxworld paying paid to click sitesIn this post I will introduce the best paying Paid To Click sites to you where are really many ads to click.
We will make a list of the best PTC sites where are at least 50 ads to click daily for everyone.
You will have a lot of ads to click in total and you can keep earning money the whole day.

Best paying Paid To Click sites with many ads to click


The first site is a PTC site mixed with a revshare.
About the PTC part of the site which will be mainly clickers interested in. There are 100 ads to click daily for everyone of a total value of $0.5. You will earn at least $15 per month! (not paid anymore). Plus sometimes there are even more ads to click.

Another way how to earn money on this site is in its revshare part because the site is giving you a discount on purchases of adpacks. You get discount of 110% on purchases! MXWorld is my favourite way how to earn money!
How to earn money in MXWorld, strategy and other details read here: MXWorld Strategy.

Registration to MXWorld

Sign up to MXWorld here:


Best paying Paid To Click sites with many ads

Let me introduce other paying paid to click sites to you with a lot of ads. Only the best paying paid to click sites!

Why there is a lot of ads at these sites?

Most of you might think – that is because these sites will turn to scam soon – you are wrong! Ads at these sites come from a real advertiser who decided to advertise his own site a lot. Guess who is that – admin of the best PTC-revshare in the world – TrafficMonsoon! He bought many tens of ads at every PTC site to promote his own sites rotator. He has a lot of money and can afford this.
That is why these PTC sites are not scams. On the contrary, TrafficMonsoon admin did a huge business with them and helped them to earn a lot of money. So these sites are richer than before.
These ads are for some time there already and for sure they will be there for some time more. Take advantage of that while the ads are still there and earn a lot of money!

Where is TrafficMonsoon admin advertising? Where all you can click this huge amount of ads?
Admin has chosen obviously only the best paying Paid To Click sites for his promotion:


One of the oldest legit paying Paid To Click sites. There are more than 80 ads to click.

Registration to GPTPlanet

Sign up to GPTPlanet here:



Sister site of GPTPlanet, owned by the same admin. Legit and paying as well. There are also more than 80 ads to click.

Registration to Scarlet-Clicks

Sign up to Scarlet-Clicks here:



Another legit, many years paying PTC site. There are also more than 80 ads to click.

Registration to Buxvertise

Sign up to Buxvertise here:



Many years paying PTC site. There are almost 80 ads to click.

Registration to Twickerz

Sign up to Twickerz here:


I have received many payments from all of these sites. You can find my payment proofs here.

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