Jul 082015

Myfreeshares.comSeveral years old reliable paying PTC site MyFreeShares is holding a $1150 super referral contest!
Cash prizes up to 60th place!
The contest lasts until 31 August 2015!
1 Share bonus for each new referral!
Please help us win – sign up under us to MyFreeShares here:


Thank you all a lot in advance!

What is MyFreeShares

MyFreeShares is a PTC site from admins of DonkeyMails, No-Minimum and JillsClickCorner, which are  reliable, for many years paying PTC sites and PTRE (Paid To Read Email) sites.
MyFreeShares is a unique site because you can click not only on cash ads (and there are really many of them) but also on ads for Shares.

What are Shares for

Shares work like common shares here – you get dividends from holding them.
You get cash from Shares every day. You don’t even have to click ads and you still earn.
The more Shares you have, the more cash you get every day.
A small amount of Shares is deducted daily. Therefore, I recommend to click at least ads for Shares daily (or as much as you can) to keep raising the amount of Shares you have and to earn more and more every day.

How to get Shares

Free ways: You get Shares for sign up, clicking ads, reading emails, completing offers and tasks, completing sign up offers (PTSU), playing games, contests (e.g. Contest share per click), there are really many options. You get 1 Share per each referral during the referral contest!
You can purchase the Shares too. When you purchase Shares you don’t have to do anything else, just keep watching your earnings raising every day! Unlike other similar sites, you don’t have to click ads at MyFreeShares to get your earnings from Shares daily! What an advantage!

Registration to MyFreeShares

You can sign up to MyFreeShares here:


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