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NeobuxOne of the oldest and most trusted PTC sites ever, paying for more than 8 years – Neobux – has more than 200 available ads to click now! There ads are here daily for many weeks already and most probably they will be there for some more time. Use your chance to earn good money while these ads are still there – most probably they will not be there forever!
Now I have 215 ads there, each of them for $0.005! You will not find so many ads of such value on any other paying PTC site!

Registration to Neobux

To earn money with Neobux you first need to register.
Sign up to Neobux here:


Verify your email address after registration (if the site requires that). A verification email will come into your inbox, click the link inside of it. Then you will be able to login and earn money.

Neobux is paying instantly

After you earn $2 (which you will have in 2 days) you can cash your earned money out to one of the supported payment processors (PayPal, Payza, Neteller, Skrill). You will receive your money to your payment processor’s account instantly.

One of my 24+ total payment proofs: (my earnings are more than $3000 total):

Neobux payment proof

Ads for more than $1 – earnings more than $1 daily

See how many ads are there: (notice the blue square with number of 215):

neobux počet reklam

Click on this blue square to view ads or click on View Advertisements.
Earnings over $1 daily! and that only from viewing ads!
$0.005 x 215 = $1.075!
Plus more ads.
Do not forget to view the orange Fixed ads at the bottom or you will not receive earnings from your referrals!
You can earn also from people that you refer to the site (referrals) or from referrals that you rent.

Here you can see the almost infinite number of ads (only first 21 from 215 total on the image):

neobux nekonečná zásoba reklam
Note: These ads might not be available for everyone because they are geographically targeted for certain countries only (U.S., Canada, UK and some more countries).
The number of ads might change.
Ads can expire anytime.

I viewed 150 ads and I collected 600 chances for the AdPrize game:

neobux adprize

You get 4 chances for the Adprize game for every ad viewed.
You can win up to $50 or Golden upgrade of $90 value for free in the Adprize game!
Collect chances and try your luck.
If you want to play the Adprize game I recommend not to click so many ads at one time. It is because the time to use those chances is limited to 4 hours, then chances expire. View always only e.g. 20 ads, then use your Adprize chances, then view more ads and so on.

You can find Neobux strategy (how to earn $30 and more daily) here: The best Neobux strategy.

Registration to Neobux

Sign up to Neobux here:



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