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Feb 132016

StampBuxStampBux is a new paying PTC site with truly unique script from reliable and very nice admins Henrik Sorin and Ionut Sas.
The system which StampBux is running on was being developed and tested for 1.5 years! and strictly according to the current needs of the PTC world. It is not like any other PTC site. There’s a lot of amazing unique ideas that you will not find anywhere else.

The system was designed to last. Admins designed it that way so the site would be stable for many years.
No fixed ads that could endanger the existence of this great PTC site.
Rented referrals are real people only, humans, no bots. Renting referrals is very cheap – only $0.003 per 1 rented referral for 30 days! You can not find such low price on any other PTC site!

The first 5000 members will get a lifetime Pioneer membership for free! StampBux has over 2200 members now so hurry up with registration so you get the lifetime membership too!
You will also get 100 PTC credits for your own advertising for free upon sign up!

Registration to StampBux

Sign up to StampBux here:




StampBux offers very cheap upgrades – just for $3 (Silver), $6 (Gold), $9 (Diamond) for the full 100 days!
Upgrades can be purchased for Points too (Loyalty coins) – Silver for 3000, Gold for 6000, Diamond for 9000 Points. Upgrades are for 100 days.
Loyalty coins can be obtained for registration (900), for daily login (10), for ad click (1).

Membership benefits

higher earnings from referrals – per click and purchase commissions as well
higher number of rented referrals you can rent every week
– more referrals displayed per page
access to referral filter
– option to autoextend referrals and upgrades
– option to set your own avatar (profile image)
– shorter waiting time between cashouts (you can request payouts faster)
– extra feature for Diamond upgrade only: option to set your advertisements as a banner, not only as a text

Upgrades can be purchased under the Marketplace link in the menu on the top -> Buy Upgrades. You can switch between membership types on the top: Silver/Gold/Diamond.
I personally have purchased the best upgrade – Diamond.


Absolutely the cheapest advertising you can get!
$0.495 for 1000 clicks, this is incredibly cheap.
If you buy eg. 25000 clicks you will also receive an extra 25% discount and the final price will be $9.375. This is whopping $0.375 per 1000 clicks! Only $0.000375 per click!
You can buy advertising under the Marketplace link in the menu on the top -> Buy Clicks.

StampBux advertising prices

How to click ads

Paid ads can be found in the top menu under the Advertisements link.
Choose an ad, click on it. Pink square will appear on the ad, click on it.

StampBux viewing ads pink square

Ad opens in a new window and time is running. Your reward gets credited after time runs out. There is no annoying captcha. Viewing ads is very fast. Ads must stay on top otherwise time will not run (so called forced view).
You can close the window with the ad once your reward gets credited. Then you can continue with another ad.

Referrals renting

You can rent referrals in the top menu under Marketplace -> Rent Referrals.
Price for renting 1 referral for 30 days is only $0.003 which is the lowest price per 1 rented referral of all PTC sites!
Referrals can be rented from money earned on the PTC site too. You can rent referrals from money earned right at the first day of being a member of StampBux.

StampBux rented referrals

I highly recommend buying an upgrade if you want to rent referrals. By buying an upgrade you get access to referral filters and that’s a very important thing. Thanks to filters you will be able to sort the referrals out so you get the active referrals only

Referral filter

You can set eg. you want to rent only those referrals that were last active (Logged in) or clicked (Watched ads) yesterday. There is a high chance that they will click today too and stay active.
Or you can set you want only those referrals that clicked Today or in Last 7 days.
The best is to set the filter to Yesterday because those referrals still can click today. This way you get more of the most possibly active referrals. Usually there are not many referrals available to rent because there is high demand for them.
You can even choose to rent Upgraded members only! These referrals should be very active. Other options are Free (Standard) and Any level.

How the filter looks like:

StampBux referral filter

Reflink and banners

You can find your reflink for referring others in the top menu under Affiliates -> Your referral link.
You will find banners under it.
You earn 20 – 50% from referral clicks and 10 – 25% commissions from their upgrade purchases. Percentage depends on your membership.


StampBux displays incredibly detailed statistics of absolutely everything – your earnings, earnings from referrals, purchases, expenses for rented referrals, clicks on your reflink and much more.
Statistics can be sort by period (day/month/year).
Statistics can be found in Account in the left menu under the Statistics link. Do not confuse it with the statistics in the top menu, those are site statistics.
More statistics can be found under History.

You can even set all these statistics as public – visible to all if you want. This can be configured in Settings -> Make your History section visible to everybody and Make your Statistics section visible to everybody.
There you can also set the autoextending of your referrals (Auto extend your rented referrals) and of your upgrade (Auto extend your current upgrade). You will see these settings only if you are an upgraded member.


You can cash out your earned money in left menu under the Cashout link.
The payout minimum is $3.
StampBux in paying to PayPal.
Payouts are sent in 7 days. I received my payment right that day I requested it.

Payment proof

See my payment proof here (click on the image to enlarge):

StampBux payment proof

Registration to StampBux

Sign up to StampBux here:





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