Jun 232016
Neobux: 200+ ads, more than $1 daily only from clicking!

One of the oldest and most trusted PTC sites ever, paying for more than 8 years – Neobux – has more than 200 available ads to click now! There ads are here daily for many weeks already and most probably they will be there for some more time. Use your chance to earn good money while these ads are still … Read more >>

Jun 152016
PPCAdSource: Paying PTC site from TrafficSwirl admin

PPCAdSource is more than 2 years old, legit paying PTC site from the famous admin of traffic exchanges (e.g. TrafficSwirl), e-mail-marketing sites, analytics sites and training a more sites – John Bell (aka Insidmal, Conquest Marketing company, U.S.). Typically for a traffic exchange owner, you will find a traffic exchange with cash rewards included in this PTC site too. You … Read more >>

Feb 132016
StampBux: New paying PTC site with unique script

StampBux is a new paying PTC site with truly unique script from reliable and very nice admins Henrik Sorin and Ionut Sas. The system which StampBux is running on was being developed and tested for 1.5 years! and strictly according to the current needs of the PTC world. It is not like any other PTC site. There’s a lot of … Read more >>

Jan 262016
Neobux: The best strategy how to earn money online

Let me show you how to earn THOUSANDS of dollars monthly at top PTC site Neobux. Are you member of several PTC sites and you do not earn much? You still have not found any PTC site where you would earn as much as you imagined? Do you want to give up? No, do not give up! You can earn … Read more >>

Jul 152015
Rotate4All PTP: Get paid for promoting your reflink

Very recently, I came across a very interesting PTP site from admin of Rotate4All (Ivan Levente), a rotating advertising system. Ads of his system can be seen on many (100+) PTC sites simultaneously. Now he added a new feature to the system – a PTP site called simply Rotate4All PTP. Here you can promote your site via PTP or earn … Read more >>

Jul 102015
BuxP: Build your passive income

BuxP is one of the most awesome PTC sites when it comes to referral earnings – you earn 50% and you don’t need to click to earn from them! So just refer some members and you don’t need to do anything else and your earnings grow. You can build a nice passive income like this very easily. But it would … Read more >>